General Info

Size and Population

Qatar is one of the smallest Arab Gulf states with an area of around 11,437 square kilometres. The population of Qatar is around 1.6 million with majority of the population residing in the capital city ,Doha and neighbouring municipalities such as Al Rayyan, Al Wakra ,Al Khor and Mesaieed( both Khor and Mesaieed along with Dukhan are industrial cities)


The climate in Qatar is characterised by a mild winter (December to April) and summer (May to November)


The official language in Qatar is Arabic, though English is widely spoken.


Qatar's local time is +3 GMT

The currency in Qatar is Qatari riyals which is pegged with the US Dollars (1 USDollar = 3.65 Qatari riyals).

Social Customs

The heritage of Islam is deeply rooted in the Qatari character and society. The importation and consumption of alcohol is strictly regulated. However, liquor permits may be obtained by foreign employees and the major hotels are allowed to serve alcohol to guests in restricted areas. Qatar bans all pork products.

Download Doing business in Qatar 2010 (A publication by Qatar National Bank).

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