Consultancy Services

Our dedicated Consulting team provides feasibility study assistance for new start up’s and also for existing entities. We also provide performance Improvement and Technology Advisory Services.

Feasibility Study / Business Plan Service

Our feasibility Study / Business Plan Services are extended to both start up entity’s and also availed by existing entity’s for expanding into new products, regions or service lines.

We customize the feasibility study/ Business plan to specifically cater to our customer’s requirement.  

Download a full table of contents of our comprehensive Feasibility Study/Business Plan.

Performance Improvement Advisory Service

Most of the company’s management are coming under pressure by the shareholders to show growth both revenues and profitability. This is a normal phenomenon and management teams have to deal with it by having it on their ‘to – do’ lists. But achieving this requires, first and foremost, knowing where to start and focus. Which business functions and processes, which market sectors, what resources both financial and human are required and which efforts will yield the greatest rewards. Our Detailed list of performance improvement advisory services is listed below:

  • Sales and Marketing plan
  • Operational Plan
  • Business Turnaround plan
  • HR management plan


Technology Advisory Service

Our seasoned IT Professional are skilled in providing risk based IT functions that assist our clients in strategically aligning, managing and governing their IT Systems, so that our customers can improve their operational efficiency. Our Detailed list of Technology advisory services is listed below:

  • System selection Advisory services
  • System effectiveness Advisory services
  • System implementation Advisory services
  • Emerging Technologies Advisory services



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