Foreign Trade Services

Foreign trade in Qatar is regulated by the Qatar Customs Law No:5 of 1988. 


A person wishing to import goods into Qatar must be registered in the Importers Register and must be approved by the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI). 

Import Rates

Article 49 of the Labour Law deals with Notice Pay which stipulates in the case, The standard rate of Customs duty on Imports in Qatar is 5% (on the CIF value of goods). The rate is higher for Steel (10 mm above) which is charged at 20%, Tobacco is charged at 100%. Goods manufactured in the GCC countries are exempt from customs duty provided they are accompanied by a certificate of origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce in the GCC state of origin. 


No Duties are currently levied on exports. 

We provide Assistance in:

  • Obtaining Registration in the Importers Register
  • Availing Duty Exemptions if products qualify for Duty Exemptions
  • Determining Temporary Imports
  • Determining proper Valuations on Imported Items

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