Meet our team

The individuals involved in providing the services play a key role in ensuring the quality of the engagements/services imparted. We have been able to retain a dedicated and integral cluster of talented professionals in our firm, since inception.
Muhammad Zubair
General Manager
Muhammad Zubair brings a wealth of experience to the organisation. Prior to joining the team, he has been involved in the construction sector in Qatar. Muhammad Zubair, maintains a high ethical standards in his operational areas and ensures the same standards are embedded into the team.

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 29
Neetha Jolly
ICV Manager
Neetha has been actively engaged in the local audit sector for more than 10 years. Her speciality is in In Country Value Certification (ICV) and has been managing the In Country Value Certification (ICV) team for more than 2 years. She is also an accomplished painter and has won several wards for her paintings.

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 22
Joshy Dasan
Audit Manager
Joshy has completed more than 15 years with the firm. His specialities are:

- Tally based accounting support
- Qatar Freezone audits
- Qatar Tax Advisory

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 16
Kanishka Dissanayake
Business & IT Support Manager
Kanishka has competed 15 years with the firm.
A "Jack of All Trades", his job functions extends into
- IT Support
- Client boarding
- KYC Support
- CaseWare client management.
Kanishka loves horses and was a former Polo player.

Telephone: + 974 444420707 Ext: 25
Jasar Achoth
Back Office Manager
Jasir has completed more than 17 years with the firm. We are extremely proud of our Back office services and Jasir has been integral in evolving our back office support services since the very beginning of the firm.

We now have an active team under Jasir who are crucial in providing post audit services.

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 14
Muhsin A.P.
Operations Manager
Muhsin has over 11 years of experience in the firm. He oversees day-to-day operations, ensuring efficiency of functioning. His  specialisations include -In Country Value Certification (ICV), CaseWare Working Paper and Other AUP or Agreed Upon Procedure Engagement. A keen video blogger, he also maintains a travel blog.
Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 34
Nidhin Aboobacker
Senior Audit Supervisor
Nidhin has completed more than 13 years with the firm and is one of our senior most auditors. He handles complex CaseWare audits for a range of sections including IT, Defence, and Consulting.

Nidhin is also a keen football player and roller skater.

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 20
Dexter Mantilla
Senior Audit Supervisor
Dexter has completed almost 10 years with the firm. He has been handling a range of tax clients, offshore entities, special purpose vehicles (SPV) and a range of other complex engagements.

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 21
Anas Rahman
Audit Supervisor
Anas has completed 11 years with the firm. He is involved in External Tax Audits and is specialised in entertainment and contracting services.

He is also a well established Badminton player.

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 19
Kajan Johnson (Joseph)
Audit Supervisor
Joseph has completed 12 years with the firm. He has been handling a range of tax clients educational industries & trading companies.

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 24
Rahul Raju
Rahul is specialised in providing complex accounting support and consolidation segments for trading and contracting entities.

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 27
Munas Saidummadath
Munas is a fresher in the firm and has completed 3 years. He provides support for liquidation entities, restaurant / hotel business groups and a range of related businesses.

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 16
Minhas Akhtar
Minhas is our accounting expert and has a wide range of experience in contract accounting, inventory valuation, and hospitality accounting. He also provides support for simplified return filing, conversion of manual accounts to off-the-shelf softwares (Quick Books, Peachtree).

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 23
Ali Akbar
Tax Consultant
Dr. Ali Akbar, as he is fondly called, is not because he is physician but holds a Phd. He handles Dhareeba support and is specialised in tax related processes including share transfer, capital gain etc.

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 36
Udaya Kumar
Udaya is our front office guru and has been with the firm for more than 8
years. Udaya misses London, where he worked in the services sector previously.

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 11
Ahmed Azab
Tax Consultant
Ahmed is currently on a sabbatical and back in his hometown of Cairo -Supporting his wife, who is pursuing a doctorate.

Telephone: + 974 444420707 Ext: 36
Ayman Azab
Legal and Advisory
Ayman provides complex support with power of attorney, capital investment, trade mark & brand advisory, voluntary liquidation services.

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 28
Anupama Panthayil
Anupama is heading our core IFRS Team and has a mandate to ensure that the updated IFRS are being completed for each and every client.

Telephone: +974 444420707 Ext: 32
Utkarsh Mathur
Utkarsh is part of our specialised IFRS team. Our firm has a longterm ambition to provide each and every SME client with the IFRS support.

Tel: +974 444420707 Ext: 39
Fathima Shahban
ICV Auditor
Fathima is part of our ICV Team and constantly sharpening her In Country Value Certification (ICV) scorecard delivery with every engagement.

Tel: +974 444420707 Ext: 17
ICV Auditor
Danish is part of our In Country Value Certification (ICV) Team and has been very passionate in providing the best possible support to the In Country Value Certification (ICV) clients.

Tel: +974 444420707 Ext: 26
Muhammed Thwahir
ICV Auditor
Thwahir is new to Doha, but he is specialist in In Country Value Certification (ICV) who has been providing In Country Value Certification (ICV) services in UAE.

Tel: +974 444420707 Ext: NA
Shihab Hydrose
Dispatch Rider
Shihab is our delivery co-ordinator and has completed more than 10 years with the firm.

He is a passionate cricket & football player.